Why DO We Love Horror?

Why DO We Love Horror? When I tell people my favorite genre of films and television is horror, I often get asked “Why?” The tone of the question ranges from mild curiosity to, ironically, horror. Some people simply wonder what there is to like about something created to scare you, while others wonder if they should now be scared OF you. While it’s a fair question, pinpointing an answer isn’t so simple. Scientists found it a complicated enough question to warrant several studies done over t

Tips To Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

There are many ways, ranging from simple substitutions to larger investments in your home’s energy usage that can help make your home more efficient. Making these changes, small and large, can help save on your energy bills and make your home more environmentally friendly. Check out these tips below for some suggestions to improve the energy efficiency in your home. • None Make sure your attic has adequate insulation. Many homes are under insulated, allowing outside temperatures to affect the

7 Things Not To Do When Cleaning Carpet Stains

When your child knocks their glass of juice onto the carpet, or your pet has an accident, the first instinct is to clean the stain up immediately. While treating it quickly is almost invariably the best thing to do, treating it incorrectly can cause the stain to set in permanently or destroy the fibers of your carpets. • None Many people assume the best way to treat a stain is with a commercially available carpet cleaner, such as Resolve or OxyClean. In general, these cleaners should be avoided

4 Tips On Decorating Your Home With Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Hanging Christmas lights on the outside of your home and property can be a tricky process. Follow these 4 tips to make it go more smoothly! If this is your first time decorating with outdoor lights, start with a few bushes or other areas to serve as focal points. You can grow your display over time. 2. Check each string of lights for burnt-out bulbs before hanging. Once hung, the problem is harder to remedy. Burnt-out bulbs draw extra power, causing the remaining bulbs to dim as well.

Simple Tricks To Remove Pet Hair From Carpets

The first course of action for removing pet hair from your carpets is a thorough vacuuming. However, even vacuums marketed for removing pet fur cannot always pull out what gets deeply embedded into the fibers of your carpet. In this case, you may need to resort to other methods. Here are a few simple options to try. • None An ordinary hairbrush. Simply brush over the carpet and gather up the balls of fur that collect. • None Rubber Gloves. Slip on a pair, and rub your hands over the carpet in

We Die Alone (2020) Review

For the majority of my movie-watching career, I’ve tended to stay away from short films. I’ve had the same tendency with literature and short stories. It always seemed the stories were either rushed or ended without ending. So, when Jason asked me to review the short We Die Alone (2020) directed by Marc Cartwright, I didn’t have high hopes. Mostly due to my own biases about short films. Let me say, here in public, I was WRONG to have expected so little from this film. I wasn’t really sur

Preconception: Psoriatic Arthritis

It often seems to me that the one day of medical school no doctor skips is the one where they learn that every single medical problem an obese person has is due to their weight. They seem to hand out passes to skip looking any more deeply into any issue presented by someone that is overweight. While I don’t dispute that my obesity is dangerous to my health and, without a doubt, affects every part of my body, this weight-based bias forced me to live with undiagnosed Psoriatic Arthritis for more t

Wow Signal Documentary Review

When I was in school, I wasn’t much of a science fan. Classes involving mathematics were always the most difficult for me, and there is a remarkable amount of math in science. Thus, I sort of labeled myself a “non-science” person and didn’t give much thought to the fact there is a lot of really interesting science and scientific information out there. I first learned about the Wow Signal quite a few years ago, and it challenged my belief that science wasn’t interesting. It fascinated me that

The Turning Review

I spent my breaks at work the last couple of days cramming in a re-read of Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw. The release of The Turning, directed by Floria Sigismondi, was sneaking up on me. I had plans for a nice compare and contrast article. I loved the book and fully expected the film to be amazing, though also to be very different from the original story. After all, modern audiences don’t often go in for gothic horror. No one I know, aside from myself, does. Despite being only halfway

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